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ulberry Digital offers the full range of creative and technical services to take your ideas from concept to finished product. Our services are divided into 3 main categories: design, web production, and xml application development.

Design. Every good product starts with good design. No matter how informative or comprehensive a website claims to be, few people will suffer through a cumbersome navigation scheme, or unattractive graphics. Good design, as we see it, has to be both user-friendly and eye-friendly. Many sites fail to be one or the other. And, of course, plenty of others fail to be both.

Our design philosophy. Keep it simple. We design from a user's perspective, relying upon proven interface standards and design principles to build sites that users immediately grasp. We want them looking at your content, not figuring out what the buttons do.

Production. Now that your designs are in hand, getting it built is the next step. HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XML, ASP, Flash, Cold Fusion.. The choices are seemingly endless (and so are the acronyms). These and other programming languages drive the web, and we'll help you choose the right technology. And if you'd like, we'll even explain what all the letters stand for.

XML Application Development. Many companies are migrating to XML. It's an open standard supported by the entire software industry. XML allows you to create one data source and present it in as many styles and media as you wish. Mulberry Digital has already completed several XML projects. We can help you use this cutting-edge technology to give your company a competitive advantage.

or small businesses building their first internet presence, we offer a simple, economical, and complete hosting package. For all pricing inquiries and estimates, please contact hong@mulberrydigital.com

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